Backhoe Attachments

Our backhoe attachments will equip you for a wide range of tasks so you can power through any excavation job. We offer over 100 high-quality backhoe attachments that are compatible with all the top brands. From buckets, forks, and couplers to rakes, rippers, and thumbs, Aim Attachments has an extensive variety of attachments perfect for every task.

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What is a Backhoe?

According to Wikipedia, a backhoe — also called rear actor or back actor — is a type of excavating equipment, or digger, consisting of a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm. It is typically mounted on the back of a tractor or front loader. Read More


Backhoe AttachmentsHaving the right backhoe attachment gives you many distinct advantages while on the job, including:

• Increased productivity

• Reduced time/labor costs

• Lower the number of machines needed on a jobsite

• Allows operator to spend more time in the cab, improving safety



What Industries/projects require the use of a backhoe and can benefit from multiple backhoe attachments?

Landscaping, Nursery work, Sewage systems, Septic tanks, Disaster response, Water lines, Power lines, and many more


There are many types of backhoe attachments available to help you complete your project on time. Our attachments can be ordered at factory-direct pricing, helping you save money. We can also custom order any attachments you do not find in our listings.

What type of backhoe attachments are available?

Each attachment type can help you accomplish different projects. Here are some of the backhoe attachments we offer:

Backhoe Buckets

We have 12″ to 60″ buckets including Heavy Duty, Severe Duty, Ditch Cleaning, with options that come with or without teeth. Aim Backhoe Buckets feature a durable construction with AR400 steel cutting edge and beveled AR400 steel side cutters. Design offers abrasion resistant double bottom and full curve side wear pads. Optional 4-bolt side cutters and extra pins are available.

Backhoe Thumbs

We have Mechanical and Hydraulic Thumbs for your Backhoe. AIM thumbs are designed to work in coordination with existing buckets and attachments. Thumbs increase the versatility of any backhoe or excavator; assisting in waste handling, demolition, brush removal, and folds up tight when not in use. Standard features include oversized alloy steel pins and AR400 steel structures highlighted by AR400 steel tines with serrated edges.

Backhoe Forks

We have Pallet & Utility, Car Body, Log & Lumber, and Bucket Forks for your backhoe. AIM Forks feature high visibility and quality design.